Doctor of Theological Studies (D.Th.S)

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Doctoral Program is on the basis of high competence in theological ministry, as well as motivation to do research in a recognized area of ministry. Competence in theology may be demonstrated by having completed a minimum of a Master of Theology with a balanced curriculum, including disciplines in biblical studies, ethics, Christian leadership, education, or counseling. A complete transcript of previous academic work is to be submitted before an application can be acted on.

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Course Modules

Core Courses

Code Course Text
TH802 Theology Through the Bible
PM803 Pastoral Ministry Hear God through your Dreams
PM802 Pastoral Ministry 49 Lies I Rejected when I Renounced Phariseeism
BI802 Biblical Studies 4 Keys to Hearing God’s voice

Students must choose 4 electives from the list below in addition to the above core courses to complete the Doctoral program.

Elective Courses

Code Course Text
PPM801 Prophetic Ministry How to Walk by the Spirit
CC801 Christian Counseling Counseled by God
LE801 Leadership Apprenticed to Leadership
PM801 Pastoral Ministry Fulfil your Financial Destiny
MB801 Biblical Management Twenty Key Biblical principles to Christian Management
TH801 Theology Woman: A Biblical Profile