Certificate in Practical Theology

Admission Requirements

There are no minimum entrant qualification prerequisites for the Certificate in Practical Theology programme. 

A completed Application Form must be submitted.

For inquiries about this program contact admissions@christibc.org

Course Modules

Code Text
PM101 Getting to grips with the Gifts
PM102 The First Teachings
PM103 Dynamic Discipleship
PM104 Authority of the Believer
PM105 The Lifestyle of faith
PM106 Everyday Apologetics
PM107 Multiplying Discipleship
PM108 Effective Prayer
PM109 Know Your Bible
PM110 Jesus in Genesis
PM111 Developing Dynamic Spiritual Disciplines
PM112 The Leadership Launch

Course Abbreviations
BI = Biblical Studies
PM = Practical Theology and Ministry
CE = Christian Education
CC = Christian Counseling
LE = Christian Leadership and Administration
PPM = Prophetic Ministry
BUS = Business Studies