Bachelor of Biblical Studies

Admission Requirements

The Prospective student must:

  • Possess a high school certificate or equivalent Diploma;
  • Demonstrate competence in theology by having completed a minimum of a Diploma in Theological Studies with a balanced curriculum; 
  • Provide a complete transcript of previous academic work;
  • Submit a completed Application Form.

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Course Modules

Core Courses

Code Course Text
BBS101 Christian World View A Biblical World View
BTH250 Old Testament Survey 2 Old Testament Survey 2
BTH235 New Testament Survey 2 New Testament Survey 2
LE302 Christians and Trust Trust

Students must choose 4 electives from the list below in addition to the above core courses to complete the Degree.

Elective Courses

Code Course Text
BTH110 Exercising Your Spiritual Authority Authority
BBS109 The Centrality of Covenants Explaining Covenants
BTH205 The Center of our Faith Explaining the Cross
LE125 Called to Leadership A Call to Leadership
BBUS101 Financial Strategies Divine Provision
BTH150 Strategies for Spiritual Harvest Strategies for Spiritual Harvest
BTH 209 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

A total of 120 units/credits is required (this includes the 60 units/credits from the Associate Degree). A 2.0 G.P.A. on a scale of 4.0 is required. 

Course Abbreviations
BI = Biblical Studies
PM = Practical Theology and Ministry
CE = Christian Education
CC = Christian Counseling
LE = Christian Leadership and Administration
PPM = Prophetic Ministry
BBUS = Business Studies